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Black Meatbread by Boris - Advanced cooking lesson


Boris makes a bread. Meat embedded. INGREDIENTS: some kefir for starter 1l water (40C) up to 1.5kg rye flour 4tbsp sugar 1tbsp salt 100g bread syrup 4tbsp malt flour 1tbsp coriander some cumin...

CHERNOMOBIL in 12 easy steps - The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Taxi


Boris makes a Chernomobil for cruising through anomalies and picking up STALKERs. Buy Boris merch: Buy Boris stickers: Support on Patreon...

How to make Halva - Cooking with Boris


Boris and Anatoli make halva. From semechki. Ingredients: Sugar and semechki. good luck. Do not cook semechki too much or you end up with burnt taste. Do not use uncooked semechki, or you...

Boris - Akuma No Uta (Full Album)


If you like it, buy it I do not own anything Tracklist: 1. Introduction 00:00 2. Ibitsu 09:41 3. Free 13:03 4. Naki Kyoku (Crying Song) 16:26 5. That Woman's Volume 28:37 6. Akuma no...

Boris Brejcha @ Château de Fontainebleau for Cercle


Boris Brejcha @ Château de Fontainebleau for Cercle ☞ Boris Brejcha Big thanks to the Château de Fontaineb...

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