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The iMac Pro will include an A10 and 'Hey, Siri' (Apple Byte)


The iPhone X is named one of the top 10 gadgets of 2017 by Time, the HomePod is delayed, and Tim Cook makes an emoji boo-boo. Subscribe to CNET: ...

FCC plans to kill net neutrality (CNET News)


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai outlines a new proposal that would gut net neutrality regulations put in place in 2015. Read the CNET article here ...

CNET's iPhone X review


The iPhone X has a giant screen, Face ID and no home button. A lot of it is totally new, and totally different...but is it an improvement over the iPhone 8?

iPhone X Review: 5 ways to make it better (Apple Byte)


This is the best iPhone Apple has designed, but it's not an iPhone for everyone. Brian tells us what he likes and ways they can make it better... for the iPhone XI!

iPhone X drop test


It didn't take much for us to break Apple's most expensive iPhone. Read more about our drop test - Subscribe to CNET: ...

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